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"Dreading the 6 hours you'll spend on the 405 for headshots?


Get "Audition Magnet" headshots right here in SD"

Need attention grabbing Acting Headshots right here in San Diego? After 14 years behind the camera, photographer & actor Shadi Ameri knows how to capture your unique qualities and personality, so that you can shine like the star that you are. Click the button below for a free "Audition Magnet" headshot consultation.

Say goodbye to hours stuck in LA traffic. Our studio is conveniently located here in San Diego, saving you time and stress. No need to plan an entire day around a photoshoot.


Madison Johnstone


Shadi is a wonderful professional with sensitive eyes. She is a passionate photographer and you can see it through her work. I highly recommend this talented woman!!!

Amelia M

Shadi was so wonderful to work with! She made me feel comfortable and had great ideas for poses and backdrops. I can’t believe how amazing my photos came out!

Chris Childs


Shadi took the best photos I have ever had done This Lady presented me the way I image myself. She really worked with me to find them. I strongly recommend her for anyone who want Real Pictures.

Shadi is by far the best professional photographer I have worked with. She has a unique vision that she brings to life with her photography skills. I am SO PLEASED with the pictures she captured. I absolutely enjoyed working with her and would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone for any kind of photography needs.

Vaz Andreas ( Actor)

Shadi has the best personality and makes you feel extra comfortable when you shoot with her. Not only do you fall in love with her photos but you fall in love with the experience. I highly recommend Shadi Ameri for all of your special moments.

Brian Breckenridge ( Actor)

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With over 14 years experience being behind the camera, Shadi has mastered the art of capturing her subjects best facial and body expression.

She is an actor herself so she knows what actors need to get booked.

She has been trained under one the well known photographers of the world Sue Bryce and has won many credits and awards. She also has produced, acted and directed her own movie Endeavor.


Casting directors receive hundreds, if not thousands, of submissions for every role. In this sea of faces, your headshot needs to stand out. A high-quality, striking headshot captures attention, sparking interest in your profile and compelling casting directors to look at your resume and reel.

Your headshot is a visual representation of your brand as an actor. It should capture your personality and hint at the types of roles you’re suited for. Whether you’re a comedic actor, an intense dramatic performer, or a versatile character actor, your headshot should reflect this and give casting directors a sense of your range and uniqueness.


In today’s digital age, headshots are not just used in casting submissions but also across social media, personal websites, and professional networking platforms like LinkedIn. A striking headshot enhances your online presence, making you more appealing to agents, directors, and producers who might be searching for new talent.


A memorable headshot sticks in the minds of casting directors long after they’ve closed your file. Striking images with a strong emotional appeal or unique look can leave a lasting impression, increasing the chances that you’ll be remembered and called in for an audition.


A professional headshot demonstrates that you are serious about your career. It shows that you’ve invested in yourself and your craft, which can set you apart from other actors who may submit amateur or outdated photos. Professionalism in your headshot suggests reliability and dedication, traits casting directors seek.

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