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From acting school to headshots and how to get you started we got you covered.

Shadi Ameri is an Actor/producer, director with over 14 years being behind the camera.

The Power of Striking Headshots in the Acting Industry

In the highly competitive world of acting, first impressions matter immensely. For actors, headshots are not just photos; they are a crucial part of their professional toolkit. These images are often the first thing casting directors see, making them pivotal in the casting decision process. Here’s why having striking headshots is essential for actors looking to book jobs.

1. First Impressions Count

Casting directors receive hundreds, if not thousands, of submissions for every role. In this sea of faces, your headshot needs to stand out. A high-quality, striking headshot captures attention, sparking interest in your profile and compelling casting directors to look at your resume and reel.

2. Conveys Professionalism

A professional headshot demonstrates that you are serious about your career. It shows that you’ve invested in yourself and your craft, which can set you apart from other actors who may submit amateur or outdated photos. Professionalism in your headshot suggests reliability and dedication, traits casting directors seek.

3. Reflects Your Brand

Your headshot is a visual representation of your brand as an actor. It should capture your personality and hint at the types of roles you’re suited for. Whether you’re a comedic actor, an intense dramatic performer, or a versatile character actor, your headshot should reflect this and give casting directors a sense of your range and uniqueness.

4. Creates a Lasting Impression

A memorable headshot sticks in the minds of casting directors long after they’ve closed your file. Striking images with a strong emotional appeal or unique look can leave a lasting impression, increasing the chances that you’ll be remembered and called in for an audition.

5. Versatility and Specificity

Actors often need more than one headshot to showcase their versatility. Having a range of headshots that highlight different aspects of your look and personality can be beneficial. For instance, a commercial headshot may be light and approachable, while a theatrical headshot could be more intense and dramatic. Striking headshots tailored to specific roles can align you with the casting needs precisely.

6. A Tool for Self-Promotion

In today’s digital age, headshots are not just used in casting submissions but also across social media, personal websites, and professional networking platforms like LinkedIn. A striking headshot enhances your online presence, making you more appealing to agents, directors, and producers who might be searching for new talent.

Tips for Getting the Perfect Headshot

To maximize the impact of your headshot, consider the following tips:

Hire a Professional Photographer: Invest in a photographer who specializes in headshots and understands the entertainment industry.

Natural Lighting: Opt for natural light or well-executed studio lighting to ensure your features are highlighted effectively.

Wardrobe Choices: Wear simple, solid colors that complement your skin tone and avoid busy patterns that can distract from your face.

Expression and Eyes: Your expression should be engaging and your eyes should convey emotion. A good headshot captures the essence of your personality.

Update Regularly: Keep your headshots current, especially if your appearance changes significantly. Updated photos reflect your current look accurately.


In the acting industry, your headshot is a powerful tool that can open doors to new opportunities. A striking headshot not only captures attention but also communicates your professionalism, brand, and range as an actor. Investing in high-quality headshots is investing in your future, making it an essential step in building a successful acting career.

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“Shadi has the best personality and makes you feel extra comfortable when you shoot with her. Not only do you fall in love with her photos but you fall in love with the experience. I highly recommend Shadi Ameri for all of your special moments.”

Karla Strotz


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“Shadi has mastered the art of photography! She has an eye for detail and will capture moments that you have a hard time believing are real. I genuinely loved every single shot that she took of me. Not to mention, she so fun to be around! She will make you feel at ease. Shadi will exceed your expectations on every level!”

Billy Walters


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Working with shadi was a great experience. I needed professional portraits for my personal branding for the longest time but have been postponing it until my friend referred Shadi to me . She made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera and took the best pictures of my life. She really knows how to bring out your personality . I highly recommend her.

Shadi Poustchi


With over 14 years experience being behind the camera, Shadi has mastered the art of capturing her subjects best facial and body expression.

She is an actor herself so she knows what actors need.

She has been trained under one the well known photographers of the world Sue Bryce and has won many credits and awards. She also has produced, acted and directed her own movie Endeavor.


Step into our studio for a focused 45-minute session. With our professional & sophisticated setup, you'll be immersed in a genuine portrait experience. It's more than just having your picture taken—it's about capturing your essence. Feel the difference, experience the professional touch.


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With every Headshot session, there's always that desire for just a few more standout shots. We've got you covered!

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